September 2019-20 Student Boss

September 2019-20 Student Boss


#studentboss has your school days covered. You'll never need another planner. 

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  • 6 x 6 small, square and lightweight.

  • Made with durable poly cover + wire-o binding making its travels to and from school last the whole year.

  • Sleek black cover has you looking cool. Oh and of course organized.

  • Space for daily top three priorities, homework assignments and some notes

  • Monthly fun content + journaling prompts to help you get through class

  • You won't need another calendar! Shabbat + holiday candle-lighting and havdalah times* are right where they need to be in this planner.

  • Like to see your month in one view? Before each month begins, you have a month view to see the going-ons of that month (see pictures for reference)

  • Made in USA. Designed, printed and assembled on the East Coast. 

*NOTE: Shabbat + holiday times are for New York and immediate area (PA, NJ, CT). Your area may have a few minute difference. Don't rely on the times to the last minute, as your minhag may vary. Havdalah times are calculated from 40 minutes after sundown.

This is for sure the thing I wish I had in my school days! When it first came out, I bombarded my younger brother's friends (9th grade then) with questions on how they plan and keep organized. They may or may not have thought I was NUTS!
I think the best part is the dedicated doodling page by each month! I used to cover my notes in doodles. Or that more politically correct? #whocares #stillfun either way, if you run out of doodling room, you know the #studentboss has your back. - Jill, Creator