September 2019-20 Shaatra52

September 2019-20 Shaatra52



Get an overview of each week, allowing you to easily organize and keep track of days in advanced. This is for the visual person who likes to see things all at once.

Cover Design:
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  • 6 x 6 small, square and conveniently portable.

  • Sturdy board back so you can plan anywhere.

  • Black, wire-o binding for easy folding. Keep it open or closed with the elastic band.

  • Two fun cover options!

  • Tabs for each month is back! Seamlessly turn to any month with enforced tabs.

  • NEW! Pocket folder to hold receipts and thingamabobs.

  • You won't need another calendar! Shabbat + holiday candle-lighting and havdalah times* are right where they need to be in this planner.

  • Plan your dinners and holiday menus in advance. You can reference your plans while shopping.

  • Easily know your most important 3 priorities of each day.

  • Like to see your month in one view? Before each month begins, you have a month view to see the going-ons of that month (see pictures for reference)

  • Inspo, goal planning and fun stuff at the beginning of each week!

  • Made in USA. Designed, printed and assembled on the East Coast. 

*NOTE: Shabbat + holiday times are for New York and immediate area (PA, NJ, CT). Your area may have a few minute difference. Don't rely on the times to the last minute, as your minhag may vary. Havdalah times are calculated from 40 minutes after sundown.