Shaatra club

The Shaatra Club planners are proudly empowering Jewish women

created in new jersey


since 2015

by keeping them organized while inspiring them
to be more intentional with their days.


Our goal is to provide products of quality + substance

Made in america


your purchase supports
local, small businesses.

that assist Jewish women + families
all over the globe in making their best days.


A Closer Look


01. daily planner

The MyDay has a page for each day.
With enough planning room for a super woman, this will get you through your busiest seasons.

If you love making lists + writing everything down, this layout is for you. It has a ton of space for notes, lists and brain-dumping.

02. weekly planner

The Shaatra52 pages share days.
When your planner is open, you can see Monday - Thursday in one view.

This is very helpful if you’re new to planning on paper or like to see your week at once.

There’s still plenty of room for writing your lists
and to-dos.

03. student planner

This planner was created with high schoolers in mind. It has weekly views, with enough space to jot down homework and extra curricular engagements.

The Student Boss will help keep your student on track of his/her school work.
Paired with the Study Buddy, your young student will have no excuse not to study! 😜


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