– Watch the Way You Want


If you enjoy watching movies but don’t enjoy the language, immodesty and violence, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution!
A few years ago, three brothers set out to create a streaming service that would filter out any offensive material.

I’d like to introduce to you
This is a website that I use at home and have recommended to many people since I discovered it..which is why I’d like to share it with you, my awesome readers!


  1. Buy your first movie for $20
  2. Choose your filters that you don’t want to see or hear
  3. Watch and enjoy!
  4. Sell it back to Vidangel when you’re done
  5. $19 goes into your account to use for your next purchase
  6. That basically comes out to $1/night (just like Redbox-just without the hassle of returning it…and being able to filter out the unwanted stuff.)

Besides for this great filter feature, Vidangel has awesome customer service! When I accidentally clicked “sell back” before I wanted to, I emailed them and they responded right away letting me know they added the credit back into my account.

Try the next time you want a movie night!