This is happening! + FREE PRINTABLE

I can’t believe we are just three weeks away from Pesach!

I mean….I can. But it happened so fast!
As much as each day goes by slowly, when I look behind me (aren’t we not supposed to do that?), it seems like December just happened.

Well, it did. And now Pesach is happening. 

Do you remember last year this time?
We were all frantically busy with spring cleaning and Pesach shopping (and cleaning). We were planning meals and stocking up our freezers with seudah dishes. 

One cool thing I do remember is this:

shopping list

 Download shopping list EMPTY or FILLED.

And this:


Download cleaning calendar EMPTY or FILLED.
*The filled calendar has the days remaining of March 2015, as I didn’t see it helpful to add the first week, when we can’t go back in time and start planning from then. 🙂

Will you use these planners to streamline these busy weeks?
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Happy Cleaning! 
Don’t forget to take breaks and to learn about this special holiday.