The New Camp in Town

I am so excited to share my newest adventure with you!

But first, I have a confession: I don’t send my children to camp.


My kids are still young and although the going gets hard, I prefer to leave them home and do fun things with them than send them to camp (for a number of reasons).
But I will tell you that sometimes, the idea of dropping off my kids and having the day to myself sounds tempting. 😉

Anyways, here is my new idea…well, it’s not entirely my idea, but a culmination of mine and a friend’s.

I got a few of my friends to agree to participate in a Round Robin.
Each of us have around the same aged kids that weren’t going to camp, so instead of all of us having our kids home the entire summer, we take one week out of our summer to have ‘camp’ and for the rest of the 7 weeks, our kids are having fun and socializing!

What do you say about this Round Robin?

I love feedback. Please leave a comment, I read every one of them!

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