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How To Keep The Kids From Saying “I’m Bored!”

Have your kids home this summer? Or maybe they get so bored the minute they walk into the door from camp? Well. I’ve been curating a bunch of really fun, splashy cool, and just plain awesome ideas over on Pinterest.  If you don’t follow Shaatra Club on Pinterest yet…I don’t know what you are waiting for! Check out this Super Summer Camp board full of ideas that will make your kids forget they were bored!   Follow Shaatra Club’s board Super Summer Camp on Pinterest.…

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The New Camp in Town

I am so excited to share my newest adventure with you! But first, I have a confession: I don’t send my children to camp. Yet. My kids are still young and although the going gets hard, I prefer to leave them home and do fun things with them than send them to camp (for a number of reasons). But I will tell you that sometimes, the idea of dropping off my kids and having the day to myself sounds tempting. 😉 Anyways, here is my…

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shaatra knows

Shaatra Knows: July

Put the phone down. **DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING!!!** • The following video is EXTREMELY graphic. I watched it once myself and couldn’t bring myself to watch it again. However, this did scare the living daylights out of me. I can say it was this video that made me put my phone down for good when driving…so it did work. 🙂 • This video SHOULD NOT be watched by young children. It should be watched by parents, adults and teenagers.   Note: I don’t know who the credits go to…

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Today is my son’s last day of school…until September I can’t believe this day has come! In January and February….and March……and even April (maybe even May?), I’ve been anticipating summertime. I think we all have! During the winter, hot weather was simply a dream! Now that it’s actually here, it’s time to get summer-ing. 🙂 What do you plan to do this summer?

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