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A Pesach Lesson

I was at a friend’s house today. We were talking while the kids played in the basement. My friend was making dinners to put in the freezer for Chol Hamoed, which I thought was such a good idea. (at the time of this writing I still do!) As I watched her go about her way in the kitchen, I started feeling like I was not doing something right. After all, it’s the week of Pesah and I still have to clean my kitchen and do…

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Money Saving Tip for Pesach

Here is an idea to help you save some money this season. This is something I try to do every year, so I’m not spending a ton all at once. Start buying Kosher for Passover foods from now. I buy a little at a time each week, so I don’t have a big layout right before Pesach. And so I don’t have to worry about stocking up or having nothing left in the stores when I’m ready to shop. How I’m able to do this: I…

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This is happening! + FREE PRINTABLE

I can’t believe we are just three weeks away from Pesach! I mean….I can. But it happened so fast! As much as each day goes by slowly, when I look behind me (aren’t we not supposed to do that?), it seems like December just happened. Well, it did. And now Pesach is happening.  Do you remember last year this time? We were all frantically busy with spring cleaning and Pesach shopping (and cleaning). We were planning meals and stocking up our freezers with seudah dishes. …

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Spring vs. Pesah Cleaning

— I am not a posek, if you have any questions pertaining to Pesah, please ask your Rabbi. — Okay. So it’s finally starting to seem like Spring is here (fingers crossed!). With the time change coming this Saturday night, I got this itching feeling to get spring cleaning started. As you’ve read on my goals of this week, I wanted to finish cleaning out my storage room. To my actual surprise I got to finishing it today! I am so thankful I was able…

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