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Easy + Thorough Cleaning Trick

The following may gross you out. There… I said it here so you can read at your own risk! 😉 If you’re a mom of young kids, you’ll know what I mean when I say I hate cleaning the high chair and car seats for Passover! That usually entails a good 30+ minutes of scrubbing, vacuuming and tooth-picking the hard-to-get-to spots. This year, thanks to a good *great* friend and Shaatra Club reader, I was able to clean these things WITHOUT reaching for a rag…

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LAUNDRY: 6 Ways to Stay Motivated

Need help getting the loads of never-ending laundry done? Here are some ideas to help you get going. 1  BIG TO SMALL When I have a big load, I like to fold the larger items first, that way the pile instantly shrinks. It is much easier to knock out the rest of the smaller items. 2 CATEGORIZE Fold the bigger, as stated above, and choose like items that are in the same category. For example, all bath towels get its own pile (this is obvious,…

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