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freeze the printablethree

*PRINTABLE* Freezer Labels

And to conclude with our November challenge printables, here is one I hope you’ll find quite useful no matter which method you choose.   The download has three pages, each for Dairy, Meat and Parve. You can either print on paper and tape them on with shipping tape or use Avery  5168 labels to just stick ’em on the bag! (or Staples brand is a bit cheaper)          Download the freezer labels.  Show us what you’re making on Instagram! Use #NovemberisFreezingUp to share your…

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freeze the filler

*November CHALLENGE* Freeze the Filler!

Okeedokee! I’m super excited to present to you, my fellow readers, with this challenge!  I have been busy trying to make this as easy as possible for you if this is your first time freezer cooking (as it is mine!) I would like to introduce to you Shaindy from Happily Hectic blog.   Shaindy has great experience with kosher freezer cooking, which is why I am happy to be teaming up with her for this month’s challenge!  *Keep in mind* that Winter Break is coming up…

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