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Welcome to The Shaatra Club.

Shaatra Club was originally started to have fill-the-freezer get togethers and girls night out. Now, Shaatra Club has grown and evolved into something much more than that.

It’s here that I hope you discover the joys and fulfillments of being a wife, mother and homemaker.

What is a Shaatra?

So, here’s a bit of what you can expect to see on Shaatra Club:

• Every Monday, I’ll post a motivating quote or thought over at @shaatraclub on Instagram. Use hashtag #ShaatraMondays to see all of the previous ones.

• On Tuesdays, we look forward to #LetsTalkTuesdays, where you get to share your answer to the question proposed on Instagram.

Have a challenge to suggest? Let us know!

Giveaways  are also some posts you’ll come to enjoy (as much as I do, I trust!)
The giveaways are here for you, the reader. I appreciate you following Shaatra Club, and this is one way I like to express my gratitude. 🙂

• Occasionally, I like to share a free printable or two. Keep on the lookout!

• You’ll find some other random thoughts scattered here and there. Feel free to read and comment 🙂

These are just the beginnings of a long and rewarding journey. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

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