Being that my son adores Lego and loves new stuff, I knew he would love the opportunity to try Pley.com.

Pley is a great online Lego rental where you get to choose the sets you want to play with and they send them to you fast and free! (Kinda like a Netflix for Lego.)

So here are my initial thoughts when we first got the sets:
– Love the packaging! It’s so inviting and fun-looking
– All the Lego pieces were clean. I liked that each set came in its own red mesh bag for easy storage. (As opposed to ripping up the boxes and plastic bags..)
– The box each set comes in is enough room to play and store the sets.
– Each set came with a Lego bracelet, you can actually build on it! And the kids get to keep them 🙂

I took lots of pictures…but I can’t seem to find any of them now. 
Now here is what my kids thought of Pley when we first got it:


Pley Unboxing from Shaatra Club on Vimeo.

My kids were super excited with the sets they got. The Spiderman Pley set was perfect for my superhero-loving son.
The only down side is that in the beginning, I was going a little crazy reminding the kids to keep track of the small pieces…(even though Pley has a great policy that it’s ok to lose a few pieces.)