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*PRINTABLE* Dinner for a Friend

It’s been awhile since our last printable!

Is it just me or is it always baby season? Baruch Hashem!

Next time you make a meal for a friend or even someone you don’t know, add a touch of love with this free printable!


Here are two options:

“Made with love Label”
Print this out and you have 2 cards to use as labels (you can just tape it onto the top of the container, foil or whatever you are using to package the dinner.)

“Made with love Greeting Card”
Print this out for a foldable greeting card with room on the inside for a nice letter.

Points to remember:
• If you’ve committed to making dinner, be reliable and prompt.
• Double check for allergies before you start cooking.
• Deliver your dinner in disposable tins so your friend isn’t troubled with cleaning up a Pyrex.
• If you find yourself not feeling well, make arrangements for someone else to cook dinner…no need to spread germs around!
• Last, if there are any last minute cooking instructions, make sure to include them!

Let us know if you use them!

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