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*PRINTABLE* Freezer Labels

And to conclude with our November challenge printables, here is one I hope you’ll find quite useful no matter which method you choose.   The download has three pages, each for Dairy, Meat and Parve. You can either print on paper and tape them on with shipping tape or use Avery  5168 labels to just stick ’em on the bag! (or Staples brand is a bit cheaper)          Download the freezer labels.  Show us what you’re making on Instagram! Use #NovemberisFreezingUp to share your…

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shaatra knows

Shaatra Knows – November

 Have you got that stubborn belly that just won’t go away?  Here’s something to ponder about this month: Diastsis Recti Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) defined as a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle into right and left halves. Read the below link to find out more about DR and how to test yourself: Is That After-Baby Tummy Bulge Actually A Diastasis Recti?

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freeze the filler

*November CHALLENGE* Freeze the Filler!

Okeedokee! I’m super excited to present to you, my fellow readers, with this challenge!  I have been busy trying to make this as easy as possible for you if this is your first time freezer cooking (as it is mine!) I would like to introduce to you Shaindy from Happily Hectic blog.   Shaindy has great experience with kosher freezer cooking, which is why I am happy to be teaming up with her for this month’s challenge!  *Keep in mind* that Winter Break is coming up…

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Goals for this Week

Starting to get back into a routine here from the summer and holidays. Here goes! This week: FAMILY • Do something intentional for my husband • Do something intentional for J • Be off the phone from 3-6 (when kids are home) • Tell my kids I love them every day HOME • Spackle art room • make stripes for the wall • buy paint • Try two new recipes BUSINESS • Plan Hanuka shows • Post challenge on Instagram • Plan November challenge (stay…

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A Lost Opportunity

You know the times when you walk away from a conversation and think of all the possible answers you could’ve said to that person? Well. That happened to me this morning. I was waiting on line at Broadstreet (have you been there yet?) and beside be was a woman with her two young girls.  Me: “Is this your first time here? The apple cider donuts are soo good!” Her: “Yes, it’s our first time. We just got a box of the classics to bring to a…

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It’s Been a While…

You might have been wondering at some point, where have I been?? Or perhaps the thought hasn’t crossed your mind because you’ve been busy with your own life. Right, probably that. Well, either way, I’ve wanted to post during the summer about how my summer is going and stuff like that. And then I thought, I should really update y’all just about life in general around here. But the longer I waited, the sillier I felt about doing that. I know it sounds funny.  It’s like,…

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printable dinner

*PRINTABLE* Dinner for a Friend

It’s been awhile since our last printable! Is it just me or is it always baby season? Baruch Hashem! Next time you make a meal for a friend or even someone you don’t know, add a touch of love with this free printable! Here are two options: • “Made with love Label” Print this out and you have 2 cards to use as labels (you can just tape it onto the top of the container, foil or whatever you are using to package the dinner.) • “Made…

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