freeze the filler

*November CHALLENGE* Freeze the Filler!


I’m super excited to present to you, my fellow readers, with this challenge! 
I have been busy trying to make this as easy as possible for you if this is your first time freezer cooking (as it is mine!)

I would like to introduce to you Shaindy from Happily Hectic blog.  

Shaindy has great experience with kosher freezer cooking, which is why I am happy to be teaming up with her for this month’s challenge! 

*Keep in mind* that Winter Break is coming up fast. If you want to prepare meals from now….well, that would save you SO much headache and time in a month!

So let’s begin!

Here are all of Happily Hectic’s great resources and tips for having a hectic-free freezer filling day!
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Why should you freezer cook?
Intro to Freezer Cooking
Plan a Cooking Day
The Case for Freezer Cooking
5 Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Work for You

Learn the methods
Freezer Cooking Methods

Be prepared – Some planning tips
A Look Into My Kitchen (not my kitchen lol)
7 Tips for a Successful Day of Freezer Cooking

The Must Knows
Avoid Freezer Burn
31 Foods You Can Freeze
Storage Length and Methods of Packaging

Get Organized & Jump In!
Freezer Day Planner
Freezer Day Prep List 
Freezer Labels

…wait what did you say? There’s something wrong with the heading?? You mean you can’t freeze a filler? Oh. 😉

Share your thoughts!
What will you be cooking?

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