My Summer Routine

I like routine.

I like knowing what goes next on my schedule. I also think it’s healthy for kids to know what to expect every morning (or evening).

 So when it comes to summer, I don’t shy away from routine during summer break. However, what works for my family during the winter/school days doesn’t apply now…that’s why I am making a loose schedule. I don’t feel the need to be stringent with it, because after all, it is vacation time!


Wake up
Pray, Exercise, Breakfast
Dress kids, drop off to camp 🙂
Clean up from breakfast


Summer enjoyment
Make dinner
Pick up kids from camp


Dinner, bath and bedtime for kids
Bedtime for me before 11:30

Do you have a summer routine?

Share yours in the comments, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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