My One Word for 2016

You know how everyone talks about making a “New Year’s resolution”?

Well…if you know this, then you know that it also doesn’t take long for this “resolution” to become a whispering memory in the back of your head…

A few years ago, I came across this blog post which changed the way I thought about New Year’s resolution. Crystal talks about how she chooses just one word which becomes her mantra for that year and how it’s much easier to stick to it because it’s just one word.

I’ve adapted the same method and found it works (most of the time!).

My word of the year 2016 is…*drumroll*

To think about the other person and how they can be viewing life, to think about how I think of things and how I can either let it dictate my reactions or not. Just being aware of my thoughts is a big step in knowing and learning myself. It takes a lot to quiet the mind and let thoughts pass by and just notice.

If you are interested in learning more about this whole “thinking business”, be sure to check out Melissa Cohen’s book! And if you crave even more, reach out to Melissa to learn about innate health. It’s Ah-ma-zing!!

I must confess, this post wasn’t intended to push any product…but being that Melissa has taught me so much over the past year, I felt compelled to share her work with my readers. 🙂

Will you be choosing one word for this year?