It’s Been a While…

You might have been wondering at some point, where have I been??

Or perhaps the thought hasn’t crossed your mind because you’ve been busy with your own life. Right, probably that.

Well, either way, I’ve wanted to post during the summer about how my summer is going and stuff like that. And then I thought, I should really update y’all just about life in general around here. But the longer I waited, the sillier I felt about doing that.

I know it sounds funny.  It’s like, when things are quiet, you don’t want to disturb the quietness…does that make sense? Ok, it’s just me 😉

So now that we’re in year 5775, I really wanted to share this thought with you.
Every year, for the past two years, I have chosen One Word to work on for that year. Instead of choosing 1-3 or however many areas or specific goals to improve on, I have one word that I think about at any given opportunity. 

For example, last year’s word was ‘FOCUS’. I tried to focus on my kids, on the task at hand instead of getting caught up with multi-tasking, and focusing on other areas. I would think of the word FOCUS when I was starting to feel overwhelmed or didn’t know where to start.

This year, after much thought and debate (all taking place in my head :)) I have chosen the word:


With this word of the year in mind, I hope to strengthen my Bitachon and let go of the petty things.

What will your one word be?