Cosmic Kids Yoga: Perfect Entertainment

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When my kids “are soo boreddd”
and they’re climbing on my skirt, this is what I do:

Cosmic Kids Yoga! My kids and I fell in love with these captivating stories and fun yoga moves.

Each yoga video is around 15-20 minutes long (perfect length of time).
Jamie, the yoga instructor makes it super easy and very exciting! (I especially love listening to her accent)

After introducing Cosmic Kids Yoga to my kids, they now ask as they jump up and down, “Can we do yoga on your computer??” (I can use it as an incentive now 😉 )

Check out their latest video:

As a parent, I love Cosmic Kids because my kids are growing a love for yoga and keeping their bodies healthy. It’s a productive distraction, if you will. 🙂

As a kid, it’s fun to listen to the adventures they get to go on as they move around and visit different ‘worlds’.

Are your kids into yoga?

What do you do to keep your kids busy?

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