*GUEST POST* Fun Free Printables for Your Kitchen & Freezer

Freezer Labels specializes in the production of quality stock and custom freezer labels. The company offers competitive prices, free custom design for bigger orders, fast turnaround and no minimum order.

This guest post pairs perfectly with our Freezer your Filler challenge we had in November!

By Valeria Brown from freezerlabels.net


If people knew how much time and money they can save stocking up their freezer with meals prepared in advance, everyone would be doing it. A lot of people know that in theory, but something prevents them from actually adopting this strategy into their food preparation routine.

The following free freezer label printables are designed to motivate and help people freeze their food. They are separated into four categories:

• Frozen meal calendar
• Recipe label printables
• Freezer tags
• Special event stickers

And each of these freezer label sheets can be printed in as many copies as you need.

freezer label

  • Scan your fridge, freezer and pantry for groceries that are missing from your supplies; make a nice, long shopping list based on this.
  • Find out where the best sales are the day you are planning to go shopping.
  • If weekends are your days off from work, plan to spend a good portion of it to prepare veggies, fruit and meat for freezing. If you are cooking meals for your family, simply double or triple the amount of ingredients you are using and make extra meals for the busy work week ahead.
  • This is where freezer stickers enter the scene: The frozen meal calendar stickers are the easiest and quickest to use. Simply circle the month and date you are freezing your meal. Recipe label printables require some more effort, such as writing out the cooked food recipe or at least the names of ingredients, as well as the date of freezing. Freezer tags also require some writing from you, and special event stickers are designed to mark food prepared for special events. Currently the selection includes St. Patrick’s stickers, but will very soon be updated with new label additions.

To conclude, shopping in bulk obviously saves us money as opposed to smaller, unplanned and urgent purchases throughout the month that happen when we realize at the last moment we are out of an ingredient we really need and don’t have time to check out sales.

Freezing food enables us to keep all that food we bought in bulk from going to waste. And freezer label printables help us keep all this food organized. This is as easy as 1 + 1 = 2, so now it’s up to you to put these free stickers to good use!

Your turn!
When did you last fill your freezer?