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Money Saving Tip for Pesach

Here is an idea to help you save some money this season. This is something I try to do every year, so I’m not spending a ton all at once. Start buying Kosher for Passover foods from now. I buy a little at a time each week, so I don’t have a big layout right before Pesach. And so I don’t have to worry about stocking up or having nothing left in the stores when I’m ready to shop. How I’m able to do this: I…

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This is happening! + FREE PRINTABLE

I can’t believe we are just three weeks away from Pesach! I mean….I can. But it happened so fast! As much as each day goes by slowly, when I look behind me (aren’t we not supposed to do that?), it seems like December just happened. Well, it did. And now Pesach is happening.  Do you remember last year this time? We were all frantically busy with spring cleaning and Pesach shopping (and cleaning). We were planning meals and stocking up our freezers with seudah dishes. …

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freeze the filler

*November CHALLENGE* Freeze the Filler!

Okeedokee! I’m super excited to present to you, my fellow readers, with this challenge!  I have been busy trying to make this as easy as possible for you if this is your first time freezer cooking (as it is mine!) I would like to introduce to you Shaindy from Happily Hectic blog.   Shaindy has great experience with kosher freezer cooking, which is why I am happy to be teaming up with her for this month’s challenge!  *Keep in mind* that Winter Break is coming up…

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5 Minute Dishes by Dorit Gindi

I’ve become good at thinking up or finding dinner recipes that take minutes to prepare mostly because I work American hours from home in Israel. So, whether you want to stay outdoors more with the kiddies or get away with a quick prep enjoy these recipes and please feel free to comment with some of your own! 1. CHICKEN 1-2-3 (Source: Binah Magazine) To make this recipe even easier cut the chicken breasts into cutlet sized pieces in advance and freeze and also make the…

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My Failed Attempt at Rice Krispies

On Thursday, I had planned to make watermelon rice krispies from  an idea I saw on Pinterest. I had this grand thinking that I wouldn’t use regular food coloring, because it has so much junk in it…. Instead, I found myself buying pomegranate juice and blueberry juice among others to create the colors I wanted. I was overly excited to see how the natural food coloring would work, so I decided to make a double recipe of rice krispies. I’m not sure why I was so…

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Hello, From Israel!

By Dorit Gindi I’m really looking forward to reading more tips and helpful ideas from Shaatra Club. Although I can’t profess to be a shaatra yet (I’ve been married for nearly a year so I still have a lot to learn!) I would love to share my experiences about living in Israel, home-making, some winner recipes and just random thoughts that pop into my head. March 2, 2014 Sunday. Weather’s kind of foggy but nice. It’s one of those Sundays. The folding laundry and eating…

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Monthly Menu: the why

Call me crazy, but I plan my dinner menus by month. I use one of those calendars that come in the mail yearly from an organization. It has the Shabbat and holiday times for my area which makes it even more convenient. This handy calendar hangs on my fridge by a car magnet (that used to be on my car…how did it end up on my fridge?) which I’m sure you’ll agree is quite the perfect spot.   Why I love monthly menu planning: INSANT…

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