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Busy as a Beaver

The beaver, as it goes, is known to be…well…busy. Beavers are hardworking and very industrious. Gd gave them the instinct to create a safe place for them to live. Beavers are usually seen gnawing at wood so they can use it as supplies for their dams.  The vision that comes to mind is of beavers scurrying back and forth, carrying wood and whatever else they use (probably branches…). I imagine they work fast and are the master of multitasking. This is all very good. If you…

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Hello, From Israel!

By Dorit Gindi I’m really looking forward to reading more tips and helpful ideas from Shaatra Club. Although I can’t profess to be a shaatra yet (I’ve been married for nearly a year so I still have a lot to learn!) I would love to share my experiences about living in Israel, home-making, some winner recipes and just random thoughts that pop into my head. March 2, 2014 Sunday. Weather’s kind of foggy but nice. It’s one of those Sundays. The folding laundry and eating…

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Spring vs. Pesah Cleaning

— I am not a posek, if you have any questions pertaining to Pesah, please ask your Rabbi. — Okay. So it’s finally starting to seem like Spring is here (fingers crossed!). With the time change coming this Saturday night, I got this itching feeling to get spring cleaning started. As you’ve read on my goals of this week, I wanted to finish cleaning out my storage room. To my actual surprise I got to finishing it today! I am so thankful I was able…

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Monthly Menu: the why

Call me crazy, but I plan my dinner menus by month. I use one of those calendars that come in the mail yearly from an organization. It has the Shabbat and holiday times for my area which makes it even more convenient. This handy calendar hangs on my fridge by a car magnet (that used to be on my car…how did it end up on my fridge?) which I’m sure you’ll agree is quite the perfect spot.   Why I love monthly menu planning: INSANT…

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Shaatra? I’ve never heard of that…

You might be wondering, why did she choose Shaatra Club? …what does that even mean?? The word shaatra originates from the middle east. It means great homemaker or in Yiddish, balabusta. A homemaker in my opinion is a woman who manages and maintains her home. A woman who can handle the day-to-day activities of her children, while keeping up with the every day house work like laundry, dishes, tidying toys… But that’s not to say that this woman is always in tip top shape. There are…

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