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A Must Read for All Moms

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll recognize this book:   This book has changed the way I look at my day and has helped me focus on my priorities. If you have enjoyed the challenges on Instagram or really need change in your life right now, this is the book to read. We will be finishing off the last few challenges in the coming weeks, so now’s a good time to get the book! P.S. this is my book… — There are affiliate links in…

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as told by you

As Told by You

Last year during Hol Hamoed Pesah, my husband and I were setting up our chocolate fondue dipper. As my husband unwrapped the chocolate, he happened to look at the wrapping and was carefully reading the hebrew lettering on the kosher symbol. (I’m not sure why he decided to do that, but I’m sure glad he did!) He noticed that it said “Lo Kasher L’Pesach” …which means “NOT kosher for Passover”! It was so tricky!! Especially since the packaging looks identical to the Passover chocolates. We…

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Motivation Mondays

I must agree with Confucius on this thought. The complicated part comes in when we overburden ourselves with wanting the outcome to be perfect or close-to.  As a mom, it’s a good thing to learn to give yourself room for error. I can’t count how many times my dinner got stuck to the pot!  When I don’t expect anything, and results happen, it’s a great feeling! But when I set my standards too high, I’m setting myself up for disappointment. What are your thoughts?  …

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Spring vs. Pesah Cleaning

— I am not a posek, if you have any questions pertaining to Pesah, please ask your Rabbi. — Okay. So it’s finally starting to seem like Spring is here (fingers crossed!). With the time change coming this Saturday night, I got this itching feeling to get spring cleaning started. As you’ve read on my goals of this week, I wanted to finish cleaning out my storage room. To my actual surprise I got to finishing it today! I am so thankful I was able…

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incidentally thursday

The Target Tally

— INCIDENTALLY THURSDAY IS A MONTHLY SERIES SPOTLIGHTING THE EVERYDAY INCIDENTS THAT HAPPEN TO US ALL. HAVE A STORY TO SHARE? SEND AN EMAIL WITH A BRIEF SUMMARY OF YOUR STORY, WE’LL REACH OUT VIA EMAIL FOR FURTHER DETAILS. — “I was shopping with my then three year old daughter in Target. Of course, I stopped by the girls clothing section (big no-no when you’re on a budget!) and needless to say, I picked up a few things. Just a few. I got two sizes of stockings for…

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