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winning mornings

*CHALLENGE* Win Back Your Mornings!

WIN BACK YOUR MORNINGS CHALLENGE Challenge for September: Hey, Summer, I had a really swell time with you this season. I guess it’s time for you to go for now… 🙁 While you’re gone, Summer, I’ll be trying to stay active and energized throughout the year so I’m ready when you visit again! OUR GOAL: WBYMC is here to provide accountability and encouragement for women to wake up early and create a healthy morning routine habit. THE PLAN of ACTION: This challenge starts September 1 and…

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My Summer Routine

I like routine. I like knowing what goes next on my schedule. I also think it’s healthy for kids to know what to expect every morning (or evening).  So when it comes to summer, I don’t shy away from routine during summer break. However, what works for my family during the winter/school days doesn’t apply now…that’s why I am making a loose schedule. I don’t feel the need to be stringent with it, because after all, it is vacation time! Morning Wake up Pray, Exercise, Breakfast Dress…

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The New Camp in Town

I am so excited to share my newest adventure with you! But first, I have a confession: I don’t send my children to camp. Yet. My kids are still young and although the going gets hard, I prefer to leave them home and do fun things with them than send them to camp (for a number of reasons). But I will tell you that sometimes, the idea of dropping off my kids and having the day to myself sounds tempting. 😉 Anyways, here is my…

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shaatra knows

Shaatra Knows: July

Put the phone down. **DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING!!!** • The following video is EXTREMELY graphic. I watched it once myself and couldn’t bring myself to watch it again. However, this did scare the living daylights out of me. I can say it was this video that made me put my phone down for good when driving…so it did work. 🙂 • This video SHOULD NOT be watched by young children. It should be watched by parents, adults and teenagers.   Note: I don’t know who the credits go to…

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Today is my son’s last day of school…until September I can’t believe this day has come! In January and February….and March……and even April (maybe even May?), I’ve been anticipating summertime. I think we all have! During the winter, hot weather was simply a dream! Now that it’s actually here, it’s time to get summer-ing. 🙂 What do you plan to do this summer?

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A Very Honest Post

I was talking to a friend the other night. She recently had her third child and was telling me how she’s finding things to be very hard. She mentioned that she feels stressed that nothing is getting done, she’s busy with the kids all day and it’s emotionally draining. This friend asked me how I do everything and how do I manage. (I have three children, close in age, so I am able to relate). I told her I don’t. Really. It’s true. I know as the…

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Keeping Track of Library Books

My kids really enjoy taking books from the library. We go every two weeks, usually on Fridays after school. We spend at least 30 minutes choosing books, coloring and playing with puzzles. The thing is, we end up walking out with at least 15 books. Yeah. And that was only one pile… So in order to keep tabs of them, here’s what i do: I set a reminder on my phone on the day the books are due. In the location field, I type how…

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Mommy Confession

I take my kids for ice cream often, and when  I do, I let them choose their favorite flavor. They get their own -junior- portion in a cup. (The cones are fun but they just make a huge mess!) As for me, I love milkshakes…and so most times I get one. That’s not to say my kids don’t like shakes. No…they certainly take after me. 🙂 The thing is, when I order my shake after tending to my kids, I sit down and -naturally- they…

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My Rigorous Morning Routine

My alarm waked me up just after dawn: “Mommy, I want cereal.” Actually, it’s cool, because some mornings it plays a different tone. “Mommy, can I play on your phone?” and other times, “Ma, I needa make!” …and then, “Can you come wipe me?”, when I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. Once I finally slide out of bed, I barely have time to wash, brush and put my lenses in when my rigorous morning workout begins. My little trainers have set up a tricky…

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