as told by you

As Told by You

The other day, I went grocery shopping.

I was hoping I had enough cash on me, but needed everything on my list either way.
I filled up my wagon, and as I neared the check out isles, I realized I had exactly $142 on me. Now, I work hard to stick to my budget, so I told myself, “Hashem will take care of me.” And with that I got on line and started emptying my wagon.

The cashier rang everything up. I watched the numbers get closer and closer to the amount in my wallet… Then I remembered! I had two coupons to use! Great. -$4.

What was the total? $142.22 – $4 in coupons = $138.22

Yes. Hashem took very good care of me.

As told by – A grateful Shaatra

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