Announcement! + Free Printable

Introducing #shaatra52

Hey! We’re so excited!

You came just in time to see the new #shaatra52 Weekly Planner.
In addition to the #mydayplanner Daily Planner, we now have the weekly planner. I’m passionate about helping women feel in control and organized with their days, and am excited to be able to serve different needs for women going through different seasons of life.

#shaatra52 days2

And now for the good stuff…(because the announcement wasn’t good enough lol.)
Don’t fret about school ending in a month. With a simple plan, you’ll be able to enjoy having the kids home until camp starts! Imagine that!?

Download the printable below, print one page per day and just jot some ideas down that are easy and fun. For some ideas on what to do, check out our Pinterest boards here and here and here. These boards have TONS of awesome craft and snack ideas!