A Pesach Lesson

I was at a friend’s house today.

We were talking while the kids played in the basement.
My friend was making dinners to put in the freezer for Chol Hamoed, which I thought was such a good idea. (at the time of this writing I still do!)

As I watched her go about her way in the kitchen, I started feeling like I was not doing something right. After all, it’s the week of Pesah and I still have to clean my kitchen and do a bit more food shopping. (Is that job ever done?)
My friend, on the other hand, had turned over her kitchen the night before and was  already getting a head start with dinners and Seder cooking. (not that I’m hosting Seders but… 🙂 )

It’s amazing how I can have two conversations going on simultaneously.
One conversation with my friend and the other in my head.

Here’s a snippet of what was going on in my head: What am I doing here? I need to be home cleaning and doing and checking things off of that list! …Yeah, but with the kids home with me, I won’t get anything done either way… But look, she already koshered her kitchen! Her pantry is stocked and good to go. 

And then somewhere in that private conversation between me and myself, I realized this:

I am me.
I don’t have to be someone else to be good enough. 
The way I do things, at my own pace, doesn’t make me any less of an accomplished person as the next.

In other words:


And that was basically the end of that convo!

Thankfully, I realized this before I got myself all stressed out and frazzled that I was “behind”.

And that, Shaatras, concludes a very valuable Pesach lesson.

Did you ever find yourself in a similar situation playing the comparing game?
Share your story in the comments! 

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