A Lost Opportunity

You know the times when you walk away from a conversation and think of all the possible answers you could’ve said to that person?

Well. That happened to me this morning.

I was waiting on line at Broadstreet (have you been there yet?) and beside be was a woman with her two young girls. 

Me: “Is this your first time here? The apple cider donuts are soo good!”
Her: “Yes, it’s our first time. We just got a box of the classics to bring to a friend’s house today.” Then, “Is this place kosher?”
(Assuming she knew to ask me, with my scarf and skirt and all)
Me: “Yes! Isn’t that great?” (….or something along those lines :))
Her: “That’s really good to know so I can give them to everyone!”
Just then, her order was ready and we said goodbye.

Not long after, I realized what she said.
She’s most probably Jewish, and I just missed my chance to…well, bring her closer.
Hopefully, I was polite and friendly enough throughout the conversation that this woman can walk away with a positive feeling about religious Orthodox Jews.

I just keep thinking, maybe I could’ve done or said more….

Have you ever had a run in similar to this situation? What did you do?