10 Inspiring Websites

While the following may not help you get dinner done faster or make you want to smile at your kids when they’ve spilled something all over, I find it nice to have some pretty things to look at.
It just makes life more enjoyable.

Here are just some websites and email newsletters I love looking at:

1. Pinterest – Would you think this would be on the bottom of my list?? If you don’t yet know what Pinterest is all about, check it out!

2. Etsy emails – There are so many talented people out there making amazing things, I always draw some inspiration when I get an Etsy roundup in my inbox.

3. Restoration Hardware – I’m not an interior decorator, but if I were, this would be my favorite store to check out!

4. Tomkat Studio – I’ve been receiving The Tomkat Studio emails for quite some time now. I always look forward to what’s new here, and looking at all the pretty party things photographed perfectly makes me want to throw some parties just because!

5. Michael’s – Yes please! Not only are their coupons a welcoming surprise, but so are all the creative ideas and crafts they send each day.

6. Fold FactoryFold of the Week – This is more for the designer, but nonetheless cool for anyone else! Each week, Trish shows her email subscribers a different, really awesome piece of mail that folds in crazy ways! It’s so fun to see what people can think up.

7. Gap – I love seeing the newest emails and how it was designed. There are usually lots of fun colors and patterns. Not to mention sales and nice clothing. 🙂

8. Shutterfly – Shutterfly has an amazing design team that creates captivating emails. Photobook anyone?

9. The Limited – Love the clothing and love the email layouts too!

10. Teaching Mama – Love love love! Besides for the beautiful site design, Angela shares so many ideas and fun things to do with kids. This is one site I highly recommend you check out for the benefit of yourself and the kiddies!


Which sites are on your list?