Announcement! + Free Printable

Hey! We’re so excited! You came just in time to see the new #shaatra52 Weekly Planner. In addition to the #mydayplanner Daily Planner, we now have the weekly planner. I’m passionate about helping women feel in control and organized with their days, and am excited to be able to serve different needs for women going through different seasons of life. And now for the good stuff…(because the announcement wasn’t good enough lol.) Don’t fret about school ending in a month. With a simple plan, you’ll…

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If you enjoy watching movies but don’t enjoy the language, immodesty and violence, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a great solution! A few years ago, three brothers set out to create a streaming service that would filter out any offensive material. I’d like to introduce to you This is a website that I use at home and have recommended to many people since I discovered it..which is why I’d like to share it with you, my awesome readers! HOW IT WORKS Buy your first movie…

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Take This Quick Survey

Hey there! So what have you been up to lately? I assume you are getting all ready for Purim. 🙂 I know I’ve been. I can’t wait to dress the kids in their Frozen costumes! Speaking of Purim, I hope you plan to take plenty of pictures! Cherish the happy faces, the costumes and the fun! Which brings us to this cool survey about how you capture your memories. And speaking of pictures, you have the chance to make a difference for a new app!! (Told you it’s…

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*FREE PRINTABLE* Purim Planner

Hey readers! Want to know what I love most about being a designer? It’s that I get to create things that are useful and needed, while making them look nice at the same time. That’s why I’m excited to offer the Purim Planner printable to you! This will help you streamline the busy day and keep organized…and hopefully help you not forget anything! (no promises 😉 ) CLICK HERE to download your printable and get planning!

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My One Word for 2016

You know how everyone talks about making a “New Year’s resolution”? Well…if you know this, then you know that it also doesn’t take long for this “resolution” to become a whispering memory in the back of your head… A few years ago, I came across this blog post which changed the way I thought about New Year’s resolution. Crystal talks about how she chooses just one word which becomes her mantra for that year and how it’s much easier to stick to it because it’s just one…

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6 Things I Learned from Boutique Shows

Being that Hanuka Boutique show season has just ended, I thought I’d share some things on how I tackle these shows. 1. Greet everyone with a smile Smiling is FREE! Besides for that, wouldn’t you want to talk to someone who has a happy face on instead of someone who looks bored, indifferent or unwelcoming? To give a hello and welcoming face to whoever walks by your table can go a long way. They may or may not be your customer, but they’ll walk away…

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When life happens

My gosh has life been happening! There is so much to talk about that I don’t even know where to start. I could talk about how our summer went, with our second year of “mommy & me camp” round-robin. (It went spectacular in case you were wondering!) Then there are the holidays and back to school days, which flew by before I could even realize… And of course, there has been much excitement with the release of the #mydayplanner (have you seen it on Instagram?). Things…

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